About norves

norves is a Cornish technology company which aims to imagine, inspire and innovate. Three words that mean a lot.


We want to be a place where dreams are encouraged. If we imagine something, we believe that it'll be attainable one day and so we work hard to ensure that our people keep their minds open and look for tomorrows unimaginable today.


Inspiration can come from anywhere, but we believe that it needs to not only be harnessed but encouraged. We want to inspire the next generation into tech, we want to inspire our people to come up with new ideas and deliver great results and we want to inspire our customers with amazing technology that makes their work, learning or life that much easier.


In order to deliver world-leading ideas, we need to innovate and become the best at what we do. That's why we are pushing our people to push boundaries, think better and deliver amazing ideas. We also want our customers to innovate, to be able to reduce costs, reduce effort and reduce the time it takes to do whatever they do.

Making it happen

By incentivising these three core feelings, we believe that we can break into new markets quicker, adapt to changes faster and deliver more to our customers in a much more efficient and sophisticated manner.