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Our brands

norves creates innovative brands that invoke confidence and trust in each sector we operate in. Each brand has a distinct voice and feel, whilst still maintaining strong links to the core norves brand.


Founded in 2014, adheski started by producing a single e-portfolio service incorporating gamification and social network type features to encourage students to take control of their own learning and encourage more students into coding. Although this project has since been retired, adheski is still developing software for education, including Prze (previously Zappr) a peer-to-peer praise recording platform. ·

Albert Street Bakery

Albert Street Bakery (ASB) is norves' in-house graphic and web designer, producing all of the logos, websites and graphics for the norves family of companies. ASB does not currently offer its services to external customers, however this is something that is being considered. ·


dev is a new hub for developers to get access to norves' open-source projects and our developer guidelines should they wish to contribute to them. Having a network of developers that are involved in norves allows the bringing together of experienced developers and interested learners to shed new light on our software and give their input. ·


kerno is a brand for out-there projects that are ambitious and disruptive. Imagining what is possible is kerno's M.O., making projects that push boundaries or puts a new spin on an existing concept. ·


ow is norves' single sign-on service that links all norves' account driven products and projects. Originally ownorves, ow has been separated from the core brand to allow for the future possibility of SSO as a service for external companies. ·

The core brand

norves' brand is clear, simple and colourful. We use four core colours, four font colours and a flexible yet recognisable design language to ensure that despite the distinctive brands we operate, you can always tell its norves.

The colours

Tamar Scarlet
#f51d29 · R 245 G 29 B 41
Whitsand Azure
#1b9df5 · R 27 G 157 B 245
Cornish Gold
#ff9800 · R 255 G 152 B 0
Lynher Spring
#1df592 · R 29 G 245 B 146
Carrick Charcoal
#282828 · R 40 G 40 B 40
Fowey Fog
#737373 · R 115 G 115 B 115
Caradon Snow
#ededed · R 237 G 237 B 237
Just White
#FFFFFF · R 255 G 255 B 255